Every year, the fraternity C.S.R. Delft celebrates their anniversary with a big festival called the Dies. This two-week programme full of activities and festivities has a different creative theme each year. My work for this project ranged from selecting a name, to designing all graphic materials, to creating a theme presentation video and the festival website (which can be found here), and designing an interactive game that took place over the two weeks of the festival. Magnifique stood for the magnificent splendour of the roaring 20s, with its art deco style and lush decorations, but also the mystery of “The Great Gatsby”, explored in the mysterious game with puzzles and riddles.

View on Behance.

Video presentation of the theme. I was responsible for writing, directing and editing the video. The video was intended to maximize the tension building up to the presentation of the festival theme. In the room where the video was shown, ‘real life’ timed elements like confetti where added to give the attendees a more immersive experience.

Materials for promotion: theme poster, diner menu and festival programme