Hi, I'm Ruben Wiersma! I am a PhD candidate at the TU Delft. My research topics include computer graphics, art and machine learning. On this website, you can find out more about me, my publications, a selection of my creative projects and general thoughts and writings.

New website

Since I recently started as a PhD candidate, I thought it would be time for a shiny new personal site. A place to keep track of my research and publications, archive previous creative work, and get experience with putting my thoughts on ‘paper’.

Motown Fever

Motown Fever celebrates the music, artists and history of Motown records in the 60s and 70s. Inspired by the music and movies from this era, this cinematic short film was created as part of the theme unveiling of the celebrations for the 57th anniversary of C.S.R. Delft, a student fraternity.

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EEMCS Top Research

In 2018, the TU Delft asked Wiersma Brothers to create short profile videos of their top researchers. Together with each researcher, I created a script to explain their topic. To support the videos, I designed and animated informative illustrations.

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