In 2015, the influx of refugees coming to the Netherlands rose to a level where the state was unable to register people fast enough. This resulted in refugees waiting for periods of up to 18 months where they couldn’t study, work or volunteer. Refugenius started as an initiative from a university project on personal leadership and intends to provide part of a solution to this problem by letting refugees study through online courses and interact with Dutch people in one app. The initiative won the national leadership award that was given at the end of the course. I was in charge of branding and presentation and lead a team of five to research and design the app.

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Refugenius logo

A timeline that shows where Refugenius fits in in the process of fleeing to another country. The app provides people without a residential status with the ability to develop themselves, while also getting in touch with the citizens of the country they’re in.

The first mock-up for the app.

A mock-up of what the app could look like, created by one of my team members.