3D Characters Wedding Invitation

For my wedding, I created wedding invitations inspired by Pixar’s UP. I included the main locations of the wedding day and custom character designs for me and my wife.

We 3D-printed the characters and used them as decoration for the cake (photograph by Mies & Juul Fotografie).


We wanted to create a card with stereoscopic 3D using lenticular lenses. For that, we needed a full 3D scene. It started with a sketch.

I then started on the background, as I figured that would be easier than human characters.

Each asset was modelled and shaded from scratch using Blender, except for the two trees in the foreground. I used models from Simon Thomes shared by the Blender foundation.

Finally, I added the human characters. I based my wife’s character on multiple views of Ellie in UP and used her model as a starting point for my own face. I did a quick retopology using Wenzel Jakob’s Instant Field Aligned Meshes to get model that was easy to animate.

To create the lenticular cards, I rendered the scene from multiple camera views and printed each view interleaved. We then laminated each card with a lenticular lense to get the final 3D effect.